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Speed Factory has TWO tracks ready for you to race. The road course consist of 11 challenging corners with several high speed straight a ways. The track is very wide, a minimum of 20 feet all around, leaves plenty of room for great racing and passing. You start off with a quick S section as you get the gren flag, flow into a slow right hand corner that leads you to the fast back straight a way, a quick left corner into the 180 degree hairpin. Out of the hairpin you have a 90 degree right corner and then head into the S section into the long front straight. One very fast speed left hand corner and across the finish line. The track can also be run backwards if you are able to finish with a time of 24 seconds or better.

Here is a great video to see the course.

Track Raingc

The slick circle track is a unique and fun track to race. The surface is slick to where the rear end of the kart will slide around the corners making ever lap different. You are able to race your buddies sliding around the track for 35 laps where the winner if determined by the individual who completed the laps first. Generally there are passing in almost every corner of every lap. No stop action!

Here is a short video of a customer.

Circle Circle 2


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