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General Racing Questions
Q. What do we need to bring to race at Speed Factory?
A. Just you, we supply you with a helmet, head sock, kart, and two fun tracks to choose from.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Casual attire, most include closed toed shoes. Keep in mind you do not need to wear a driving suit to drive our karts.

Q. Do we need to book at time or call ahead to come race?
A. In most cases no, but on occasions we do have events where it could lead to a longer wait then usual. Always good to check our web site or call if you have groups or 6 or more, or if you are interested in one of our multi race packages.

Q. Can I bring my own race gear?
A. Yes you can. You are not required to wear a race suit, but you can bring your own DOT approved helmet as long as it has eye protection.

Q. Is a membership required?
A. No, the membership is not needed, but with it you do recieve discounts on races and some retail items.

Q. Can I bring in outside food?
A. No, sorry we have a resturant on site, including our sports bar. For larger events or group functions we handle all your catering needs. Contact our sales team for helping in planning your next party or corporate event.

Jr. Racers
Q. How old do you have to be to race at Speed Factory?
A. It is based off of heigt (48" on up), we generallly puts at about 9 years old and up.

Q. If a Jr. Racer has taken a safety course at another karting facility, do you honor their course?
A. We do not, for many reasons, but mainly we need to make sure for safety reasons that all kids have reached a certain level of ability to drive safely, not only for them but for the other people on the track with them.

Q. How long does the Jr. Racer Course take?
A. Averages about an hour, but with larger groups it can take longer.

Q. If I want to race with our kid after they take the Jr. Race Course, may I race with them?
A. Yes you can, just note that their kart might not be capable of going as fast as your kart.

Q. Are the karts safe for kids?
A. Our karts have many different settings in making sure they do not go faster then what the minor can handle. Through the kids class our instructor is able to adjust the speed of the kart to match their ability.



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